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Our sole purpose is to provide the experienced and trained personnel to quickly address denials and unpaid insurance receivables in order to accelerate cash flow, reduce write-offs resulting from untimely filing, and identify the patient's portion in order to begin the billing cycle.

If your hospital, CBO, or SSC is seeking…

  • Access to experienced and trained U.S. healthcare receivable specialists
  • Remote insurance follow up staffing from our call centers in Kentucky and Tennessee directly on your patient accounting system ensuring secure, efficient, and consistent work effort.
  • Redeployment of existing staff and personnel to high balance or high priority projects
  • Short term, long-term, permanent, or temporary business office staffing during computer system transitions or transition to a shared service center business model
  • Expanded quality assurance controls including voice logging of all HIRS communication with payers and patients
  • Integrated patient billing services to help ensure collection of patient deductible and co-insurance amounts

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